Living on the edge

I walk down the corridor and hear my own footsteps and nothing else
Did I wish to hear something else?
Did I wish someone to follow me ?
There was nobody in there and I still went inside
It was quiet and not a soul to be seen
I wonder if someone had been here before
It looked like I was the first person to enter
Like I was the only one who ever pushed that dusty door and stood here in isolation
But of course that’s not true
There had been someone else before me
There had been many others before me
Where are they now?
Where did they go?
Did they ever leave this place…
Did their souls leave?

I guess they are trapped here forever
But the question is where do we go from here?
I can go back and never enter this place again
Or I can move forward and get on board
For I am sure I will get somewhere
For there must be some place that you reach
Or is there just vacuum?
Can we fall off the earth if we just travelled to the edge of the world?
Or does a new world start after it?
Or do we just come back to where we started
And deal with the bullshit all over again?
I wonder.


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