Is Emma Watson turning into a real life Hermione Granger?

Harry Potter has been a huge part of my life and I can say so for millions out there that it has shaped our lives and our characters. It has been almost 6 years since the last Potter movie came on screen and our beloved trio has been busy doing other projects since then. Let us talk about the fact that Emma Watson has been giving serious Hermione vibes since some time. Is she turning more and more into Hermione Granger or is this just my imagination?

We all watched our beloved Emma Watson play a Disney princess recently but that is not all she has been doing. Since 2011 Emma has starred in multiple movies, completed her graduation and become a role model for thousands of people. It would not be wrong to say that Emma has really been following the footsteps of her Potter character and we can’t complain. Emma has been working as a spokesperson for He for She campaign and has been promoting gender equality. I can’t help but think about Hermione and how she always stood up for the right thing. (remember S.P.E.W?)giphy

Emma has been talking about female education and human rights along with her film career. This kind of multi-tasking is definitely something Hermione would do. Recently Watson was in headlines after she did a photo shoot for the Vanity Fair that became controversial. A lot of people thought that Emma being a feminist should not have posed half naked for a magazine as she herself claims that women should not be objectified and sexualized. Emma stood her ground and gave the patriarchy a smashing answer by explaining how her breasts have nothing to do with her being a feminist and that she has the right to wear whatever the fu** she wants! Now tell me you don’t see the Hermione in her.

Emma also loves books as much as Hermione, she has been promoting reading and she recently did a little project called ‘books on the Underground’ where she left feminist books on subways for the passers to find. She also hid books all over New York specially one of her favourite books ‘Mom and me and mom’ by Maya Angelou to pay tribute to female authors and feminists. She is the real book-fairy!

Watson has said in the past that she hates how young girls are taught to be delicate princesses and how she always wanted to be a fighter and warrior. Hermione has always stood up for the right and her intelligence has kept Harry and Ron alive more than once in the books. No doubt Hermione is one of the most iconic female characters of modern literature and Emma Watson has proved how she was always perfect for the role.


*** WE LOVE YOU EMMA!! ***



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