To all the woke men…

I don’t need to discuss the importance of feminism anymore because I am assuming that the people reading this post already understand it (if not then refer to post 1 of this blog). We as a society are moving forward but the pace is too slow. When it comes to gender equality we can still find people who don’t think it is required and also those who think that it already exists. The fact that these people still exist and choose to remain as ignorant as ever is the biggest reason that we need awareness. There are also people who think that a ‘feminist’ is a woman who hates men and nothing more. This is because there are more female feminists and they are doing great work to get their voices heard but what about the woke men?

I have met men who believe in gender equality but don’t like the word feminist associated with them. I have also met men who do call themselves feminists proudly. Even though the idea is what matters and there is nothing in a name but still there are reasons to associate with it. If men call themselves feminists proudly then the notion that only women are fighting for their rights will break. Men who understand the need for equality in all matters gender should come out in the streets and make their voices on these issues heard and should stand up for them every chance they get. Shout the slogans at rallies, take part in campaigns, write your opinions on social media but stand up for what you believe in. This is the one label you should wear on your sleeve and be proud of.

So to all the woke men out there I would like to request you to raise your voices and let the other men see and hear you. Show your faces and scream your hearts out because you need to tell the ignorant people out there that a feminist is a person who stands for equality and change. Our genders have nothing to do with this belief but yes we still need to break those false notions that feminists are just man hating females.

It is essential that men and women fight for each other and not against each other. No feminist is fighting the other genders and we all need to stand together. as a society we have been dealing with our differences since the beginning of time. Our different languages, skin colours and religions have given us a lot of chances to fight and rip each other. So now let us stand together for something that we can and we should believe in and fight for it together.

So to all the woke men out there…we need you to stand up.


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