Do we crave labels?


We have all grown up labeling things, people and situations just like we label cardboard boxes and jars. It is believed that humans fear anything they cannot understand or find different. Is this why we make it a fact to define everything around us?

Humans fear anything and everything that they find different than usual. This limits our horizons and makes us question the uniqueness and differences that we are surrounded by. It may not look like a problem because labeling seems like a normal and healthy activity as it sorts things for us making them easy to understand. But what about the labels that can actually cause some damage? When we try to put labels like male, female, homosexual, heterosexual, bisexual he, she etc we feel that we are trying to understand gender and sexuality better even though in this process we always make some groups feel left out. It is harmful to those who don’t find their box and feel unidentified. These labels make the walls so rigid that it becomes plain stupid. So a straight or heterosexual person can only be attracted to the opposite sex and then if you still find someone from the same sex attractive then you are not straight anymore or maybe you are confused.

Whenever we find out that there are still areas and aspects that we cannot put in the same box then we just make new labels and feel secure again. There are things in this world that are not meant to be defined but humans fail to understand or accept that. Also when we focus more on the labels we neglect the discrimination and confusion that our society is dealing with. You will still hear someone making an ignorant remark like “a bisexual person is just someone who hasn’t made up their mind yet.” So what is the point in making these terms when we are still not fully aware or ready to embrace their meanings? We are so adamant on making people pick a side and stick to it. What about those who still don’t find a box that can fully contain them?

Many of us are much more sexually and gender fluid than we even understand ourselves. The world is growing and even though the pace is slow (specially in the third world) we can still expect it to understand the abstract that is life one day. For now, is the fear of the unknown so terrifying for us that we are not ready to accept anything we don’t understand or do we just crave labels?


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