Just another Feminist blog?

I have heard people commenting that there is “too much feminism these days” and that these “feminist girls are the ones that are already priviledged”. What is wrong with these two sentences is the fact that people who make these comments have no idea what feminism means or why it is required.  So feminism by definition stands for equal rights and oppurtunities for both the sexes. So what is the meaning of “too much feminism”? It is just a way for those who are ‘priviledged’ by the patriarchy to hide behind it as they feel threatened by those who wish to break it. Yes feminism is for all those people in villages as well as for those who walk the streets of urban areas. It is for those who still don’t get to go to school and for those at the top of their careers. It is for the girls, it is for the boys and for those who struggle to be identified as any of the two. We fight today so that a day comes when we can paint a picture with colours other than pink and blue. So that we can be free of the expectations and fears that are attached to our being. So that we can smash that hard glass ceiling once and for all so that the future can be seen through eyes that are colour blind.

For those who say they do believe in equality but still can’t call themselves feminists because they hate the word. Well we don’t care about the word, what matters is the idea. What matters is the choice that girl in that corner deserves, what matters is the emotion that guy on your side withholds, what matters is the ambition that we all have the right to achieve. So let us talk about things that matter…


2 thoughts on “Just another Feminist blog?

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  1. A much needed blog post… Just when i read the name of your blog i knew it could have the potential to break some shackles down.. feminism bcz of sounding similar to female feels as if it’s more about girls.. but these posts can play a vital role in telling people that the main motive is equality not favourism.. ive seen some ppl claiming to be feminists who think favouring ‘females’ is feminism… Well, now it should be clear for them.. well written..!!👍

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